nedelja, 08. november 2015

My collection of nail polishes

I've decided to post a bit different post. I thought what to post today and I got an idea to present you my collection of nail polishes. If I compare my collection with collection of other bloggers especially Tatjana's, my collection is probably the smallest one. But anyways I decided to present it to you.

It looks like that:

I'm going to present you it by the name of brands. 


This Essence nail polishes were my first polishes which were are a good quallity. You can see a swatch of my favourite shade here


All those polishes I recieved as a gift 2 times in the makeup box, but the quallity of them really surprised me. 


This polishes were my first nail polishes I ever got. The quallity of them is actually not so good as the for exmple essence nail polishes.


Yes I have already heard for Deborah but I haven't even imagined that the quallity of the nail polishes is so good. You really must try it.

Polishes which I don't know company

This ones I got from Müller but on the packaging they haven't got the name of brand. And the quallity is bad too. Is good for ones who want just have a big collection of nail polishes and don't watch for the quallity, but I really hope there is no people like that here.;)


This set of nail polishes is amazing, the quallity is the best I could I ever try and this cracking efect is really cool. You can read more here. 

Mayblline, Orly, Constance

Then I also have Maybelline Colorama polish in white shade, Orly polish in pink shade and also Constance polish in dark violet shade. The Maybelline is not so good quallity as I expected but is defenitly for those who love to have a polish on nails all time but not very colourful one. Then Orly polish is actualy of good quallity but is too pinky for me so I don't use it so much as others. And then here is also Constnce polish in really dark violet, which I use for decorating. 

This is how my collection of nail polishes looks like and hope I inspired you for try some of them. 

Hope you like this post 
and thank you for reading,