petek, 13. november 2015


Hallo guys!
I had in my mind a giveaway but I didn't know what to giveaway so I decided to buy some products and you can  choose which one you would like to recive. One part of giveaway is on my facebook page and the other will be here on my blog.
If you want to enter giveaway just comment on this post and you're done.:)

This whole giveaway (Facebook + Blog) lasts to the 27.11. and than I'm preparing another giveaway.

This are the goodies I will giveaway:


On my blog I'm giveawaying 
• ESSENCE Lip liner 11 In the nude
• L'OREAL PARIS Eyeshadow 036 Naughty strawberry

And finally on my facebook page I'm giveawaaying
•ESSEMCE Lip liner 12 Wish me a rose
• L'OREAL PARIS Eyeshadow 012 Endless chocolat

You can entry both giveaways but you can get JUST ONE GIFT!

Hope you like this giveaway. :)

Enjoy life;)